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2015 - 2019


My degree focused on food systems, food insecurity, food system sustainability, public health, international nutrition, and asset-based community development practices. Collaboration in the form of group projects whether hypothetical or in the community, were an integral part of being a student in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.



August 2019 - Present


- Supports the daily operations of the Arts Co-operative Education Program which serves approximately 750 undergraduate and 200 graduate students in Arts, and approximately 3000 local, national, and international employers from all sectors of the economy. 
-Daily operations include the administrative processes (job applications, interviews, job offers, advising, student inquiries, co-op course management, and systems access) which help facilitate students to achieve meaningful experiential learning opportunities, and for employers to provide a diverse range of co-op work opportunities.
-Provides professional and excellent service to all stakeholders as one of the most external facing staff members on the team
-Acts as a point of triage and resource for the Program's internal and external stakeholders, particularly students, employers, faculty, parents, and other co-op programs.
Other Additional Projects:- Supported the 2019 recruitment cycle including reviewing student applications, interviews, collaborative decision-making along with other administrative tasks. 
-Supported and presented at the three co-op conferences for our Undergraduates, Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA), and iSchool students. 
-Proposed and lead a Co-op Manual project from conception to product, including presenting to student engagement staff, development of content, collaboration with colleagues, coordination of communications and materials, testing the product, and full launch (8 month project).

April 2018 - Present



(Volunteer) Operating as a non-profit, student-run yoga studio operating year-round, our mission is to provide affordable and accessible yoga classes to promote physical and mental health of the UBC community. 
Oversees a $20,000+ budget, team of 25 executives across 4 departments with 600-900 annual members. 
Responsible for one of the key services provided by the club: Yoga Classes. Coordinates and designs the class scheduling (bookings, instructors and club executive assignments)
Facilitates monthly meetings, and provides strategic leadership that supports the overall vision and mission for the UBC Yoga Club. 
Provides strategic direction to maintain 20+ yoga class schedule, provide reliable service, and maintain relationships with stakeholders as a non-profit, student-lead club. 
Responsible for resolving complex issues such as financial constraints, executive management and hiring, instructor management and hiring.
Notable work for 2018-2019: Providing reliable and smooth service to our members, cultivating relationships with club executives, resolving financial mismanagement issues taking over a year to resolve
Notable work for 2019-2020: Provides advice, insight, and expertise to the President and other club executives for club short- and long-term operations. Resolved club executive & leadership shortages, class coordination errors & mismanagement, financial difficulties from lower than average membership numbers, suspension of club services for Summer 2020, lead through the COVID-19 pandemic, and facilitating innovation on how to increase financial and service stability over the short- and long-term.


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